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Whether your home is prone to power outages, or you just want to have the comfort and security of full-time power, buying a generator is one of the most valuable investments you can make for your home. A generator is wired into the wiring already installed in your home. Once your generator is correctly installed, it is easy and affordable to use! It can be used in the dead of winter or even during a heat wave.

Let Code Electrical, Inc. ensure you are never without power. We can help you decide on the right generator that suits your needs. Whether you’re looking for a fully automatic standby generator or a portable manual electric start generator, large or small, we can do it all!

We sell and service Generac generators. Generac has proven to be the most reliable and affordable generator manufacturer in the industry. Our electricians are trained and certified to install and service your generators. However, if you chose to purchase any generator from another source, we are able to install them as well!

Our experienced electricians can help you layout, design, and install a complete generator system to meet your needs! We would be more than happy to give you a price to install and wire your generator, including natural gas or propane piping to get your generator up and running!

Our team at Code Electrical, Inc. are qualified to sell, install, and service generators.  

We are an authorized dealer and repair technician for Generac Generators. Please contact us for service and/or pricing. Our experienced technicians would be more than happy to assist you!  

If you have any question concerning generators or prices, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our friendly generator service staff will help find the best solutions for you.
There are two main types of residential generators: fully automatic and portable manual electric start generators. Each will provide you with the comfort and security of restoring your power during power outages, but will work and look slightly different.

With a fully automatic generator, you would have a stationary unit set up outside of your home. It resembles a central air-conditioning unit. Once you were to lose power, the fully automatic generator would restore power to your home within seconds. With the fully automatic generator, you would have a choice of running it off of natural gas or propane.

A portable manual electric start generator can be stored in your basement, shed, or garage until it is time to use it. After you lose power, the generator would need to be brought outside and manually turned on. Its pull-start is similar to a snow-blower or lawn-mower. Portable manual electric start genera-tors only run off of gasoline. 

Once you have decided whether the fully automatic or manual start generator is best for you, the next step is deciding on a size that suites your needs. Generators are able to run your entire home, or just the essentials. The more power you are looking to keep on at one time, the larger-sized generator you would need. Our qualified electricians can work with you to determine the best size generator for you!
(See comparison chart below)
The electricians at Code Electrical, Inc. will ensure you get a safe and reliable generator install. We follow local and state electrical codes to make certain you have a safe installation. All our generator installations are inspected and approved by local electrical inspectors.
Our electricians are: 
    -Licensed and registered in the State of Michigan. 
    -Trained and certified in generator installation and servicing.
    -Available for any questions you may have after the generator is installed. 
    -Able to service your generator after it has been installed. 

Generators need to be serviced, just like cars. Having the right technician can mean the difference between a safe, trustworthy system and an unreliable system. Our electricians will help protect your investment.

Fully Automatic Generator
Manual Electric Start Portable Generator